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Passionate about saving schools money

We help keep printing costs under control so schools can spend more money on educating pupils.

Meet the Eco Printers team

Parmi Jutlay


Whether as a self-proclaimed curry king in the kitchen, adventurous globe trotter or vinyl-collecting aficionado, Parmi Jutlay brings an infectious drive and energy to everything he does.

It is little surprise therefore that being a “family man” is a role the tech entrepreneur takes to the extreme.

Unlike the tens of thousands of flawless pages produced by his company’s printers each year, the 51-year-old blurs the lines when it comes to documenting who constitutes a member of his clan.

While wife Karen and daughter Sofia are the centre of his universe and the “reason I breathe”, Parmi’s caring nature is part of Eco Printers’ DNA. 

With nephews and the niece of an old university friend among his workforce, he is as proud to be the director of a family business as he is unashamed of the Queen and Luther Vandross LPs found in his office.

However, as a father determined to do the best he can for his daughter, his strong sense of familial responsibility means he is determined to ensure Eco Printers has a positive impact on the nation’s children.

The substantial cost-savings delivered to schools signing up for the company’s services is no marketing gimmick and has proved an enduring motivation for Parmi, who founded the business 16 years ago.

“My daughter is currently still too young for full-time education but I understand keenly that schools face an almighty task to balance their budgets,” he says. “We help them stretch what they have by reducing print costs so that money can be spent elsewhere. I still get excited and an incredible buzz when I hear how our customers have been able to provide more for their students. Being told that your services – within the space of just three years – helped to make a £16,000 library extension become a reality is all the encouragement I need.”

Indy Dogra

Account Manager

There is more than just a mere splash of serendipity about Indy Dogra relishing the role he plays in stretching school budgets.

Long before being introduced to innovative printing solutions by his uncle, Eco Printers’ director Parmi Jutlay, he had developed a habit for bringing colour to proceedings as an international DJ and party host.

A professional floor filler with a proven track record for hitting the right chords with mass crowds, Indy has successfully transferred his expertise in entertaining and engaging audiences from wedding celebrations to classrooms.

“Helping primary schools to be able to print in full colour is incredibly rewarding,” he explains. “We have visited many schools which, as a consequence of their current print contract, have had to put a stop on colour printing because it puts too much strain on their budgets.

“That might not sound like the end of the world, but young children do not respond well to be handed black and white worksheets to learn from. Colour can go a long way to bringing a subject to life and making lessons more interesting.

“It is a huge boost hearing how our schools have no such worries – we work on fixed pricing so staff can keep printing colourful handouts without the fear of receiving unexpected invoices.” 

The knowledge that Eco Printers’ mix of high-definition printing and budgetary “beats” is music to the ears of his customers has made Indy’s transition from standing behind decks to discussing business across desks an easy one.

“I am used to talking and performing in front of large crowds, so have been comfortable meeting new customers,” he says. “Knowing that our print solution is a hit makes it even easier.”

Saran Cheema

Operations Support

Choosing to pursue a career in customer services rather than the courts has not stopped Saran Cheema from bringing supreme order to the offices of Eco Printers.

The former law student diligently deals with everything from engineer bookings to account administration for the company and is an assured authority when it comes to keeping clients content.

With a wealth of experience in retail and large corporations, Saran knows that Eco Printers’ reputation rests on more than just providing a value-for-money solution and is committed to ensuring businesses and schools are unanimous in their verdict about the quality of service they are afforded.

“In other organisations, customer service can mean being shouted at by someone because something they have ordered has not been delivered on time or the product they have purchased is not what they expected,” she says. “That doesn’t happen here because we have such a good printing solution, but that doesn’t mean we stop caring the moment you sign up with us.

“We make sure we are on top of our customers’ needs and help them to meet their goals. A great product deserves to be accompanied by a great service and I love this role because I know that we deliver that.”

Throw in a benevolent boss who she has known since she was in nappies and colleagues she considers to be “like family”, and Saran insists she has no regrets that crime – in respect of working in the legal profession – does not pay her wages.

“Everyone at Eco Printers is very easy to get along with, we work very well together and we all look out for each other,” she adds. “It’s a great team to be a part of.”

Conrad Ward

Engineer/Technical Support

As a child, Conrad Ward undoubtedly kept his parents on their toes given he concedes his intrigue with discovering how machines work and love affair with “taking things apart” began at the tender age of five. 

Fortunately for Eco Printers’ customers, a colourful career in IT – which commenced before the creation of Commodore computers and Windows 3.1 – has also seen the experienced engineer master the art of putting things back together.

Boasting a resume of repairing and restoring that encompasses everything from American muscle cars to offshore oil rigs, Conrad has lived and worked in multiple countries and across continents and feels most at home when he has the opportunity to exercise his mechanical mind.  

Subsequently, the computer whizz has cemented himself as our service team’s prime processor, a role which sees him help to resolve any hi-tech hiccups and drive economic efficiencies in schools. 

It is Conrad’s part in the latter that the former student of seismic exploration in Northern Alaska insists give him tremors of excitement about his job.

“We have a wonderful, innovative product but I’m a firm believer that things can constantly be improved,” he says. “Technology will always present trials and challenges and solving problems to fine-tune performance and print quality is intriguing.  

“Supporting our customers in the education sector is a huge buzz,” he adds, highlighting how Eco Printers’ technicians serve to supplement schools’ often overstretched – or, in some cases, non-existent – in-house IT staff.

“Making things work – rather than having to replace them – always makes people happy and my job satisfaction comes from seeing their satisfaction in having a product and service team they can rely on. Nobody dislikes someone who makes their life better!”