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Discover what makes Eco Printers unique and how we help you free up a limited school budget.

See how it works. It saved Susan lots of money.
It can do the same for you and your school.

Unique Printing

Our Eco Printers are fitted with a bulk ink system hidden inside the printer that automatically refills the cartridges as you print. Our engineers regularly visit schools to service our Eco Printers and top up the bulk ink systems, so you can always print. Not having to supply printer toners and cartridges allows us to keep costs to a minimum, and we pass all the savings directly onto our schools.

Eco Printers are simple to set up, have high speed printing, can print double-sided, are networkable, and can print from tablets and mobile phones with ease. If your school also requires larger A3/A4 booklet finisher type printers, we can supply these too!

Unlimited Printing
and in full colour

Our unique printing technology allows you to print as much colour as you like without any restrictions or limitations.

You can give full expression to all teaching material and online resources which look best in full colour without limiting your teaching staff.

Imagine being unlimited! Imagine how your teaching could be enhanced when you’re free to print any materials and resources.

Want to print A3? Wish to make booklets in colour? You have total freedom.

Right where you
need them

Most schools have one or more large printer/copiers installed in reasonably central locations in the school building. Teaching staff have to go to those locations from their classrooms or workplaces to collect their printing, and sometimes that can be quite a distance. We often hear of these large printer/copiers breaking down and the frustration that causes too. As a result, they can be the cause of bottlenecks and delays. Are your teaching staff losing valuable time to an inefficient centralized printing solution?

There’s another way! A more distributed printing solution could make things easier for you and will be more efficient within your school. We locate our unique printers around your school, shortening teaching staff journeys to and from printers and eliminating single points of failure and peak time bottlenecks. All you have to do is tell us where you want them. And you can still have a large printer/copier to print booklets and A3 as part of our solution.

Whatever your preferred printing solution, you can have any combination of printers within your school. Let us work out the best solution for you. If you’re comfortable, with your current arrangement, we can stick to that but if you’re thinking distributed, we can customize your solution with additional Eco Printers to ensure the print load is balanced, giving you the freedom to print when and where you want, still unlimited, full colour and fixed price.

Fixed Cost

Our solution allows you to control your budget. You can calculate precisely what the whole year’s print costs will be. Everything is included within one fixed price: no hidden extras, no extra service costs.

You only pay one invoice at the start of the academic year, and you are done! No more admin, no issuing cheques or admin until next September.

Make your school budget go further…where will you use the extra money?

Already in a contract for a large printer/copier? You can run our printing solution alongside your existing solution. When your current CONTRACT for the large copier has ended, we can provide an unlimited large A4/A3 printer alongside Eco Printers, and we guarantee we will still save you money.

No Contract? Why?
Why no contract? Freedom!

We want to ensure schools have a printing solution that meets their needs. We know that what works this term might not work several school terms later, so we do not tie schools into a time-based contract.

We have heard some horror stories about unacceptable levels of service from some printing solution providers being delivered to schools, and no way out of the contract for the school! Not with us.

We like to be transparent, and schools that work with us have no nasty surprises. During our first face to face meeting, if we are a good match for each other, we leave you an A2 copy of our terms and conditions. We do not hide behind any small print. That’s why we print all our terms of the agreement in LARGE PRINT so you can see it all.

Eco Friendly

One of the driving forces behind the development of our unique printing solution was the desire to significantly reduce the environmental impact of printing. We are proud of what we have achieved and as we work to develop future solutions, we will continue our efforts.

Through innovation in printing solutions, Eco Printers delivers for our customers:

Less Landfill
The consumables last the lifetime of the printer, there are no empty toners, cartridges, or associated packaging to send to landfill.

Less Greenhouse Gasses
On average, 75% less greenhouse gasses are produced when using Eco Printers versus laser printers.

Less Energy Consumed
Eco Printers use 72% less electricity on average versus the standard printer model used in most schools.

Zero Vehicle Emissions
We are committed to reducing our fleet’s emissions and have invested in electric vans. In addition, our combustion powered vehicles all have