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Just in case you want to know more details about how we can save your school money.

Who are Eco Printers?

Eco Printers is a trading name of Fillink Limited. Filink has been manufacturing and supplying innovative, eco-friendly and economical printing solutions to thousands of organizations throughout the UK since 2003.

How much do the Eco Printers cost?
Your rental agreement includes some inclusive Eco Printers so you do not have to invest in new printer hardware; the amount of free Eco Printers you receive depends on the size of your school. If you would like additional printers these can be added for a small charge per term, per printer.
Why have I not heard about this before?
You may not have heard about us because we don’t reach out to schools through large scale advertising as this is very expensive and would increase our costs; which in turn would increase our prices. Most of our new business (nearly 80% during the 2015-2016 school year) is through organic word of mouth and the rest through alternative, targeted marketing techniques.
We have new printers in our school, how can I justify replacing them?
If the cost of running your new printers exceeds the cost of using Eco Printers it makes fiscal sense to replacing them. There are no upfront costs for the Eco Printers so you will save money straight away, and you will not be tied into a contract so if you want to go back to your existing solution you can.
It sounds too good to be true, what is the catch?
There is no catch. If you would like to speak to some existing customers email or read the reviews our customers have kindly left for us on our website.
Our school is not in a contract for printers, can you help us?
If you own your existing photocopier(s)/printer(s) it is likely that you are burning through cash purchasing printer consumables, warranties, new printer hardware and maintenance kits. Eco Printers can supply your school with a complete solution for a fixed cost, allowing you to remove the administrative burdens of looking after your own printers whilst delivering within budget.
How quick are you to respond to service issues?
Our help desk is open Monday to Friday 8am – 5pm. Most issues are resolved over the phone straight away, however, if you require on-site assistance we will fix or replace your printer within three working days – while waiting for your fix you will still be able to use the other Eco Printers in your school which minimizes disruption and downtime.
How often will I need to replace my cartridges?
Never, the consumable lasts the lifetime of the printer. An engineer will visit at least once per term to simply top up the ink so you never run out.
What types of printers are available?
We supply the world’s fastest and greenest A4 desktop printers. The printers are a little bit bigger than a standard microwave oven so are suitable for shared areas like IT suites, staff rooms and corridors. The printers will be shared over your school’s network so all staff and pupils can easily print to them, even wirelessly from laptops and iPads.
How fast are the printers?
We set the printers to print at 20-30 pages per minute but you can change this setting to print at speeds of up to 70 pages per minute.
What are the up-front fees and set up costs?
Your first invoice will be pro rata from the day after your installation thru to the end of the current school term, you will then receive an invoice at the beginning of each term thereafter. There are no additional hidden charges.
What is the payback period, how long before we start saving money?
Every school we work with saves money, and the payback period is instant. As an example, if you were spending £1,500 on printing each term and Eco Printers cost you £950 per term you would save £550 in your first term and each and every term thereafter.
We are closed during school holidays; do we have to pay when we are not using the printers?
We charge schools a flat rate of 6p per pupil, per day. The amount of days we charge is equal to the amount of teaching days in a school year, 190, therefore we do not charge you during the holidays – you are of course free to use the printers all year round.
What's the minimum contract length?
You can use Eco Printers for as little or as long as you like and end your agreement without notice.
What happens if we decide we wish to terminate our agreement?
Ending your agreement is easy, you simply send us an email to notifying us that you no longer need our service, there is no notice period. We will then contact you to arrange the collection of the printer hardware you are renting and arrange a refund from the date of your email through to the end of the term.
If I need more printers can I arrange this?
You can have as many printers as you like, for each additional printer there will be a small termly charge to rent the additional hardware.